Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Inside In/Inside Out

Claiming the crown as the top album of Q1 2007, is Inside In/Inside Out by the UK-Based band The Kooks. With a punk-rock vibe and an indie feel, the Kooks have captured my interest for a while now, and I highly recommend the procurement of their disc.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Scott Stapp

Mr. Creed, this will be the last time you pick a fight with another band. First Fred Durst, then your own band (which booted your ass out), then my boys from 311. Chad, S.A., and P-Nut, just sitting at the bar minding their own business, then you come along looking to start some shit. Well you started it and they finished it. It's a shame too because I loved "My Own Prison" but after that it was all down hill. Scott, get out of the music business, become a pastor or open a car wash because your music sucks!!!

Top Gun Anthem

Bold, Innovative, Daring. Brought to us by the 80's musical genius that is Howard Faltermeyer, the Top Gun Anthem is an instrumental piece that is often overlooked as a throwaway track on the soundtrack that showcased "Take my breath away," "Danger Zone" and "You've lost that loving feeling".

Faltermeyer, who is probably better known for "Axel F." the opus from Beverly Hills Cop, captures the essence of the film with this inspiring track. The drama, the intrigue, the suspense that builds as the United States Air Force prepares for battle with the USSR.

Check it out. You may find that you have the need... the need for speed.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Over My Head"

"Over my head" by Denver's The Fray, has distinguished iteself as one of my favorite songs of 2005. I first heard it while familiarizing myself with Sirius' Alt Nation 21, and it has since become my cell phone ringtone.

It's a mellow, catchy song with a very understandable premise. Boy meets girl, and immediately feels like he's outclassed. If you've got a few minutes, and want to explore some new music, check it out over at The Fray's Website.

PS - I'd stay away from the album. One really good song doesn't manage to save this lonely complaint of a disc.

Friday, December 16, 2005

"Yule Shoot Your Eye Out"

Sticking with the Holiday theme from a few posts back, I wanted to share another strangely enjoyable Holiday Tune, this one from the Pop-Punk Darlings and friends to the Hip-Hop Community, Fall Out Boy.

"Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" was released on the compilation disc "A Santa Cause: It's a Punk Rock Christmas," on Immortal Records. Blink-182, Something Corporate, MXPX and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are among those who contributed holiday tracks to this compilation, a benefit for the Elizabeth Glaser Foundation for Pediatric AIDS.

The Standout Track on the Album, "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" tells the unfortunate tale of a guy who has fallen out of love over the holidays and doesn't want any part of his former love. Good tune to download, be careful though, the chorus can easliy get stuck in your head!

"Merry Christmas...I could care less...."

REAL PRAISE - Jack Johnson's "In Between Dreams"

While Jack Johnson's "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" is Nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, The album from which it hails "In Between Dreams" has to be the biggest Grammy Snub!

I first recall hearing Johnson back when his song "Fluke" got a lot of radio play, but I have to say that with "In Between Dreams," Johnson has taken his laid-back sing-along style and made the album that I'd unexpectedly been searching for.

I spent most of the past two days traveling, and despite having over 3,000 songs on my Zen Micro, I listened to "In Between Dreams" from start to finish two times!

Kudos, Mr. Johnson, for making such a great record.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sick and Twisted Sing Along

I realized not too long ago that there are songs that we all sing along to, that we have no idea what they're about. This lesson was learned as I was watching a special on VH1 about the 40 Most Awesomely Bad Love Songs,, and when number 19, "All I wanna do is make love to you" by Heart came on.

I found myself humming along obnoxiously to words that I didn't really know, and then found a few syllables that I actually did. As I pieced them together, I realized that this is not a song about making sweet love to the woman that you're with. "AIWDIMLTY" (acronym) is actually a sick, twisted tale about a Married Woman who picks up a hitchiker, secudes him, and then spends the night in a motel with him. If that wasn't bad enough, they end up making a kid, and the woman convinces her husband that the kid is his! Then, years later, the woman and this kid meet the hitchiker, who recognizes the Kid has his eyes, and she tells him not to say anything, because she was just using him for his man-juice!!!

What ever happened to "Crazy on You" and "Magic Man" - good, clean wholesome whoring, without the deception and lies?!?!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday Cheer

The first post... ahh... there is something so refereshing about a new blog. Something invigorating. Something that makes the music sound even better... Anyway....

Father Christmas by The Kinks has to be one of the most grossly underappreciated Holiday Songs of all time. From the classic riff that carries the song, to the lovely interlude towards the end, Father Christmas takes a mix of classic rock, punk, and sarcastic humor and blends them together like a fine glass of Egg Nog - pleasant and intoxicating.

"Father christmas, give us some money
Don’t mess around with those silly toys.
We’ll beat you up if you don’t hand it over
We want your bread so don’t make us annoyed
Give all the toys to the little rich boys"